These are the climate forecasts of the Predominant Directorate of Hydrometeorology for Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

– Rain in locations within the northern and central plains, the Atlas and its western areas, the Rif and the northern a part of the East.

– Within the south of the Japanese and northern Southern provinces, there are mild rains in locations.

– Snowfall on the Atlas and Japanese Highlands.

– Pretty robust gusts of wind over the Strait, the Mediterranean Sea, the north of the East, the Reef, the Atlas, the coasts north of Kenitra, the north of the south-eastern slopes and the north of the southern provinces.

– Pretty chilly to chilly climate with native frost on the Atlas, Reef and East terrains.

– Minimal temperatures round -04/02°C within the Atlas and Japanese Highlands, 06/13°C close to the coast, 11/16°C within the south and 02/08°C elsewhere.

– Daytime temperature drop.

– Seas over the Mediterranean Sea and Straits, tough to very tough north of Tarfaia and tough to the south.


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