Media shops specializing in Morocco, the Maghreb and France have introduced that French President Emmanuel Macron will go to the Kingdom of Morocco round mid-January 2023, then in late February-early March.

This announcement corrects and reformulates what was introduced earlier, on the nook of the road, by President Macron, who mentioned that he’ll go to Morocco in October 2022. As if Morocco is a conquered house, the place we’d go with out the hosts weren’t knowledgeable.

On this event (if this go to takes place) and as a part of the problems to be mentioned, Morocco should not compromise with its highest pursuits. It should demand from France the decision of its territorial integrity, full sovereignty, strategic decisions, particularly financial and monetary, in addition to by way of South-South partnership.

Morocco doesn’t settle for being beneath the tutelage of Macron’s France. Macron and his cronies ought to cease contemplating Morocco as an unemancipated nation with shared sovereignty.

Being traditionally on the supply of all conflicts in North Africa and south of the Sahara, France has a duty to behave as a conciliator and a honest supporter of the event of its former colonies or protectorates.

France should put an finish to its conceitedness and contempt for the international locations of North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa and their shameless exploitation. Giorgia Meloni from Italy has performed properly to show this Françafrique group because the days of De Gaulle.

Allow us to recall the place of the late Sékou Touré, the primary president of Guinea Conakry, what de Gaulle mentioned to Alain Peyrefit in the course of the sand warfare, what Hollande just lately mentioned, saying that the North African conflicts, persevering with, are a consolation zone for French diplomacy and correspond to the pursuits of France.

Till just lately, the French overseas minister – throughout his go to on December 19 and 20 – didn’t hesitate to say that Morocco mustn’t count on extra from us than we’ve already performed. Different very high-level French politicians who’re thought-about very near Morocco have adopted the identical language.

They, in my view, due to their coincidence with the theses developed by the French political energy, made the previous Moroccan minister, Fathala Oualala, normally calm, balanced and reserved, explode, justly, in the course of the glorious debate between Hubert Vedrin and Andre Azoulet, after which Elizabeth Gigu.

Though Moroccan-French relations are sturdy, historic, sturdy and multi-dimensional, the Kingdom of Morocco has the correct to retaliate with coercive measures, whatever the COST it entails. And the visa points are simply vile and humiliating measures by the French authorities in the direction of Moroccan residents.

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