The European Parliament’s criticism of Morocco induced an enormous political whirlwind.

Shock was chosen to make such a important cost when for years the establishments of the European Union, together with the parliament, praised the Moroccan political mannequin and repeated progress. To the extent of presenting Morocco for instance of Arab, Mediterranean and African democracy to be emulated and supported.

This sudden exit from the European Parliament on Morocco nonetheless causes numerous ink and raises numerous questions. Who impressed and arranged this anti-Moroccan agitation within the European Parliament? What are the motives and plans of those that immediately insist on Morocco with such insistence and verbal violence?

As for the Maghreb area, European parliamentarians stay silent about nations like Algeria, the place a easy publish on Fb can land its creator within the throes of its prisons, or concerning the horrible repression that has befallen Hirak to the extent that whole sections of society, in together with the elites, suppose solely of fleeing the nation. Or Tunisia, the place President Kais Mentioned authoritatively seizes all of the levers of energy and turns the nation right into a digital dictatorship. In relation to those ten nations, these similar European parliamentarians don’t have anything however Chimene’s gaze, full understanding and help.

If press freedom and human rights have been the primary issues of the European Parliament, its parliamentarians would stand out with their effervescent experiences on the area. However what we discover is a culpable and complicit silence on the Algerian and Tunisian dramas and an over-targeting of Morocco.

It’s this discrepancy in estimates that causes debate and controversy. Morocco is a goal as a result of the European Parliament has change into a platform permeable to all lobbying and affect operations. No matter whether or not it’s the work of European or non-European nations.

This operation in Morocco, launched from Strasbourg, is the results of a fastidiously thought-out technique to spoil the picture and governance of the nation, which lately has begun to differentiate itself and purchase a type of strategic autonomy that has allowed it to diversify its financial and army alliances.

There could be no different clarification for this intransigence on the a part of some teams within the European Parliament than the need to battle Morocco within the hope of limiting its development and room for manoeuvre.

Confronted with this sequence, the hour of reality has come for the strategic partnership between the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco, which was just lately marked with unprecedented political fanfare by the visits of the President of the European Fee, Ursula van der Leyen, and the Head of Diplomacy of the European Union, Josep Barel.

For a lot of connoisseurs of the secrets and techniques and functioning of the European Home, the accusation of the European Parliament towards Morocco doesn’t change the foundations of the strategic partnership established between Rabat and the establishments of Brussels. An apparent need to tarnish his picture, tarnish his status, with out altering the reactor of the partnership.

Morocco responded to the violent assault by organizing an emergency session of Morocco’s bicameral parliament. Studies of indignation and restructuring of the dialogue between the 2 political buildings obtained huge publicity.

To answer this assault, Morocco has many choices. However essentially the most pressing factor can be to deal with the deepening of the strategic partnership that connects Morocco with the establishments of the European Union. For it could be a victory towards all those that labored behind the scenes to torpedo and weaken this partnership.

On this political confrontation with the European Parliament, Morocco should untie its knots with France. Its MPs, leftist, inexperienced and even revivalist, Emmanuel Macron’s celebration, have been on the forefront, if not the primary leaders, of this marketing campaign towards Morocco. As if this group of French deputies had a particular account with Morocco.

Furthermore, the obvious difficulties confronted by Rabat and Paris in setting a date for Emmanuel Macron’s subsequent state go to point out deep variations between the 2 nations, which clarify this accusation by the European Parliament towards Morocco.


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