Tissint, the Martian meteorite that fell in Morocco in July 2011, reveals an unprecedented number of natural compounds, in response to a press launch from the Hassan II College of Casablanca (UH2C).

“This can be a discovery printed in Science Advances by a world workforce of researchers with the participation of Hasnao Chennaoui Oujehane, professor at UH2C (College of Science at Ain Chok) and president of the ATTARIK Basis,” the identical supply factors out.

“The seek for natural substances contained in Tisint might assist reply the query of the presence of life kinds previously on the crimson planet,” the identical supply clarifies, including that “Tisint is the fifth noticed fall of a Martian meteorite on the planet.” world”.

“The work carried out on this meteorite led to a paper printed in early 2012 in Science by a world consortium of researchers led by Pr. of a really sturdy affect, and that Mars was moist on the time.’

“An in-depth examine of the natural molecules contained in Martian meteorites, particularly Tisint, which is an noticed fall that has not had a lot alternate with exterior terrestrial brokers, is essential to reply this basic query,” we clarify. supply, including that “natural molecules sometimes related to life are composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and generally different components.”

In response to UH2C, work on Martian meteorites has proven that these molecules can type via non-biological processes referred to as abiotic natural chemistry. The work reported on this paper represents probably the most complete catalog ever compiled masking the variety of natural compounds present in a Martian meteorite.

This exhibits the connection between the precise mineralogy of the meteorite and the unprecedented number of natural compounds it comprises. Equally, the examine of those abiotic natural supplies shaped by the interplay of water and rock has revealed details about the evolutionary processes of the mantle and crust of Mars.

Organomagnesium compounds, a set of natural molecules by no means discovered on Mars, had been present in abundance and are of explicit curiosity. They supply info on the high-pressure, high-temperature geochemistry skilled by the Crimson Planet’s inside and show a hyperlink between its carbon cycle and mineralogical evolution, the identical supply explains.

These works are precursors and pave the way in which for learning the return of Martian samples to Earth, significantly these associated to the formation, stability and dynamics of natural compounds within the trendy Martian setting.

This publication enriches the contribution and highlights the efforts made in Morocco by researchers from Hassan II College of Casablanca and the ATTARIK Basis for greater than twenty years to enhance the meteorites of Morocco, each from a scientific standpoint and from a heritage standpoint, the report concludes.


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