The previous Algerian minister and diplomat sharply criticized the shortage of freedoms in his nation since Abdelmadjid Tebboun got here to energy in 2019. In his Fb publish, he deplored the suppression of the counter-powers and the Algerian administration, which consists of “populism” and “opportunism”. “.

With out immediately criticizing the Algerian authorities on the bottom, a clan of which he was a member and whose codes he respects (taking a adverse place in direction of Morocco and fueling Algerian propaganda), the previous minister of communications and former Algerian ambassador to Spain, Abdelaziz Rahabi, criticized the scenario with freedoms in Algeria.

The diplomat, who immediately calls himself a part of the opposition, has simply commented on the scenario with freedoms, particularly, the expression of opinions within the gentle of the case of the imprisonment of the journalist El Kadi Ihsan.

Whereas he didn’t identify him, he nonetheless felt it was time to concern his warnings, because the scenario appeared to threaten anybody who expressed a unique opinion than that accepted by Tebun’s authority, together with himself.

“Deprivation of freedom of a journalist or political activist on the planet is an excessive and distinctive measure”he wrote, saying that in doing so in recent times, “political energy in Algeria promotes offshore opposition and creates a foul picture”.

The previous minister added that there are nonetheless folks in Algeria “popularity of an individual hooked up to his dignity and freedom”. Abdelaziz Rahabi regretted that the ability is in his nation “false relations don’t correspond to the anticipated measures of appeasement and our deep aspirations for freedom and our authentic want to be a part of the worldwide actuality.”

Criticizing this time the ability embodied by Abdelmajid Tebbun, the previous minister mentioned that he “It’s illusory to moralize public and political life and to combat corruption by silencing resistance forces and neglecting civil society, essential levers together with justice.”

The Algerian president has carried out an authoritarian tour de power to consolidate his single-mindedness and his dictatorship. Since his election, he has closed down unions, jailed opposition celebration leaders, journalists and bizarre residents for Fb posts, prevented events from holding congresses, threatened celebration leaders, dissolved parliament to permit solely his personal clan, pressured and censorship in opposition to newspapers, to shut them or change to a pro-regime discourse…

In his warning, Abdelaziz Rahabi condemned the marginalization of journalists, the opposition and civil society, which threatens to create durations of disaster much like the disaster of the Nineteen Eighties or linked to the autumn of the previous president. widespread rebellion in Algeria.

“The chance is actual, as a result of the narrowing of particular person and collective freedoms opens the way in which to radicalism and archaism in a society the place populism and opportunism have lengthy been raised to the rank of administration”he condemned.


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