Amber Reeve

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 90   Female  Miss
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 William Pember Reeves Magdalen Stuart Robinson 



 first treasurer of Cambridge Fabian Society, daughter of the Fabian director of the London School of Economics, which was founded by Sidney and Beatrice Webb. She became pregnant by her lover HG Wells, he was expelled from the Fabians. She married in 1909. Became Amber Blanco White OBE. Married George Rivers Blanco White in 1908. 1 son 2 daughters. Educated Kensington High School, Newnham college Cambridge. Director of Women's Wages Ministry of Munitions 1916-1919 etc. Published. Address 1937 44 Downshire Hill, Hampsted NW 

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William Pember Reeve


Herbert George Wells


George Rivers Blanco White


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