Charles (Desmond) Otto Desmond MacCarthy

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Personal Details

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 85   Male  Sir
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 Charles (Desmond)

Otto Desmond



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 Charles Desmond MacCarthy Louise de la Chevallerie 



 1878-1952. Literary and drama critic, writer. Editor of the New Quarterly in 1908. Educated Eton , Trinity College Cambridge. Published. Address in 1937 25 Wellington Square, Chelsea, London SW3. . Published: Portraits 1931, Experience 1935, Drama 1940, Humanities 1954 and Theatre 1955. Address in 1951 Garrick's Villa, Hampton-on-Thames. He married Mary Warre-Cornish in 1906, known to their friends as Molly (1882 - 1953) 2 sons 1 daughter. His daughter married Lord David Cecil, son of 4th Marquess of Salisbury ( born 9th April 1902) 

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James Strachey


Virginia Adeline (Virginia) Woolf


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