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Ka Laird



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 1887-1938 (died of a heart attack) Her mother died and as the eldest daughter she took on her father and 2 younger sisters Hester and Margaret's welfare. Her father died in 1905 leaving the 3 sister well provided for, Ka had a flat in Westminster that she shared with Hester and the substantial country house called Hook Hill Cottage, on her late fathers estate in Woking, Surrey. She became the 2nd Treasurer of Cambridge Fabian Society, taking over from Amber Reeve. Born the same year as Rupert Brooke in 1887. Ka was staying with two aunts at the Swan Hotel in Bibury , Justin Brooke drove Rupert Brooke to meet Ka for the day on the 2nd August 1912. In 1918 she married Will Arnold-Forster, they had a son, Mark Arnold-Forster. In 1928 the family moved to Cornwall. 

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