Edward Howard Marsh

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 78   Male  Sir
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 Prof Howard Marsh Jane Perceval 



 1872-1953 Grandson of the assassinated British Prime Minister, Spenser Perceval. He became Private Secretary to Winston Churchill while he was in the Colonial Office, went with Winston when he moved to the Home Office and later on to The Admiralty. Parliament had compensated the family of the shot Prime Minister, Eddie referred to this as 'the murder money', it was this that he used to help promote his interests in the arts, sponsoring young artists. Died 1953. His house at 5 Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn became one of Rupert Brookes London retreats. He helped promote the poetry of Rupert Brooke. Eddie was also a sponsor of the work of Stanley Spencer. Educated Westminster and Trinity College Cambridge. Published. Address in 1937 5 Raymond Buildings London. 

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Rupert Chawner Brooke


Duncan James Corrowr Grant


Henry Tertius (Harry) Norton


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