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 1885 - 1925. Painter. Attended Bedale school along with Justin Brooke, Noel Oliver also attended Bedale. Jacques and Justin Brooke went up to Cambridge together. 1909 Jacques was living in the village of Froxfield Wiltshire after living in France for the previous 2 years. In 1912 he and his wife had a studio flat in Barons Court, West London Rupert Brooke and Ka Cos joined them for supper on 28th March 1912. The family chateau was in Prunoy, France. 24th January 1913, Rupert Brooke came to stay with Jacques and Gwen at Manor Farm, Croydon, Cambridgeshire, their latest retreat. He married in 1911. 

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Justin Brooke


Gwendolen Mary Darwin


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