Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein

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 191   Male  Professor
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Josef Johann



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  Vienna, Austria  
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 1889 - 1951 Philosopher. He was the son of a wealthy industrialist, educated at home then at 14 attended an Austrian School. Studied mechanical engineering, Berlin 1906 - 1908, then on to Manchester 1908 - 1911. Studied mathematical logic with Bertrand Russell at Cambridge 1912 - 1913. Served in the Austrian Army as an Artillery officer during WWI, taken prisoner on the Italian front in 1918, rest of the war as a POW close to Monte Cassino. During the war he carried his notebooks with him sending the completed work to Bertrand Russell in England to be published. He gave away his inheritance, worked as a teacher in Austrian Elementary Schools 1920 - 1926. He returned to Cambridge in 1929, Fellow of Trinity, then professor of Philosophy 1939 - 1947 (did war service as a hospital porter, Guy's Hospital London during WWII). He took British Citizenship in 1938 

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Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson


Bertrand Arthur William Russell


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