Bernhard Berenson

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 188   Male  Mr
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 26/06/1865 USA  
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 Albert Berenson of Boston USA  



 Died 1959. Educated Boston Latin School, Harvard University. Married 1900 Mary Logan Costelloe nee' Smith. Published: Venetian Painters of the Renaissance 1894, Lorenzo Lotto an Essay in Constructive Art Criticism 1895, Florentine Painters of the Renaissance 1896, Central Italian Painters of the Renaissance 1897, The Study and Criticism of Italian Art 1901,1902 & 1916, The Drawings of the Florentine Painters 1903 revised 1938, North Italian Painters of the Renaissance 1907, Sienese Painter of the Franciscan Legend 1910, Catalogue of the Italian Masters for the J G Johnstone Collection in Philadelphia USA 1913, Fifteenth Century Venetian Painting in America 1916, Essays in the Study of Sienese Painting 1918, Catalogue of the Italian Masters in the Widener Collection Philadelphia date?, Studies in Medieval Painting 1930, The Italian Painters of the Renaissance 1932, Italian Pictures of the Renaissance 1932, Aesthetics, Ethics and History 1948, Rumor and Reflection 1949. Address in 1950 I Tatti, Settignano, Florence. 

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Mary Costelloe


Alys Russell


Logan Pearsall Smith

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Karin Elizabeth Stephen


Lytton Giles (Lytton) Strachey


Ray Strachey


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