Karin Elizabeth Stephen

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 182   Female  Mrs
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DOB Place of Birth DOD Place of Death
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 Frank Costello Mary Costelloe nee' Pearsall Smith 



 1889 - 1953. Psychoanalyst as was her husband Adrian Stephen. Her father was Frank Costello who died of caner of the ear on 22 December 1899, she was only 10 years old, her mother Mary had left Frank and was living in Italy with her lover the poet Bernhard Berenson. She married in 1915. She lived with her husband at no 50 Gordon Square London. Lytton Strachey saw her at a meeting of the Aristotelian Society where Karin was reading a paper in February 1913. Lytton writes of her at the various Bloomsbury parties, usually fancy dress June 1913. (278-9,288, L Strachey Biography M Holroyd 1994) 

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Vanessa Bell


Mary Costelloe


Logan Pearsall Smith


Adrian Stephen


Virginia Adeline (Virginia) Woolf


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