Walter (Sebastian or Jack) John Herbert Sprott

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 181   Male  Mr
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 Walter (Sebastian or Jack)

John Herbert



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 Herbert Sprott Mary Elizabeth Sprott 



 1897 - 1971. Sociologist and psychologist. Educated: Felstead, Clare College Cambridge. He moved from Cambridge University to Nottingham University in 1925, where he became Professor of Philosophy in 1948. Published: Translation of Kretschmer's Physique and Character 1925, translation of Freud's New Introductory Lectures 1933, General Psychology 1937, Sociology 1949, Philosophy and Common Sense 1949 (with A H Stewart), Living In Crowds 1949, Science and Social Action 1954, Human Groups 1958. Sebastian was a guest of Lytton Strachey at the Mill at Tidmarsh in the sprint of 1921, at this time Sprott was reading moral sciences at Clare College, and engaged in an affair with Maynard Keynes. Sprott was still with Maynard for Christmas 1921 when they visited Lytton at Tidmarsh. Sprott traveled with Lytton Strachey to Venice in summer of 1922 although still involved with Maynard at this time. Sprott along with others accompanied Lytton Strachey on a motoring tour of France in August 1923. Sprott accompanied Lytton Strachey on vacation to Lyme Regis during the spring of 1925. Lytton Strachey joined Sebastian Sprott at Innsbruck where Sebastian planned to walk in the Dolomites, Lytton was not a strong walker with the trip turning in a tour of the area by bus Sebastian continuing on to Florence as Lytton returned to London, Lytton had left London on Sunday 12 July 1925, he left Sebastian to return on Wed 5 August 1925. Sebastian's affair with Maynard Keynes came to an end during 1925, Maynard had been involved with Lydia as well who influenced him to stop his affair. Lytton Strachey visited Sprott in Nottingham in October 1926. During the summer break of 1927 Sprott stayed at Ham Spray house with Lytton and Dora Carrington where he proceeded to organise into files all Lyttons correspondence and papers. This work continued into 1930.Sprott accompanied Lytton Strachey, Dora Carrington and Ralph Partridge on a trip to Holland during the summer of 1929.(478,504,515,524,546,551,557,566-7,571,656,631 M Holroyd L Strachey biography 1994) 

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Dora Houghton Carrington


John Maynard Keynes


Lytton Giles (Lytton) Strachey


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