Alfred Tressider Sheppard

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 180   Male  Mr
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 Alfred H Sheppard Harriet Winifred Sheppard nee' Sears 



 1871 - ? Novelist. Older brother of John (known as Jack to his friends) Sheppard. Alfred married in 1930 Doreen Moore. Educated at Bishop's Stortford. Went on to work for North British and Mercantile Insurance Company for a few years before leaving to follow his love of literature. Published: The Red Cravat 1905, Running Horse Inn 1906, The Rise of Ledgar Dunstan 1916, The Quest of Ledgar Dunstan 1917, The Autobiography of Judas Iscariot 1920, Brave Earth 1925, Here Comes an Old Sailor 1927, Queen Dick 1928, The Art and Practice of Historical Fiction 1930, The King's Goose 1931, A Rose for Scotland 1933 (with Roderick MacLeod), The Making of Man and Other Poems 1934, Rome's Gift 1936, The Matins of Bruges 1938, The Last Battle 1939. He also contributed articles, short stories and reviews to publications/newspapers in Great Britain and the United States of America. Lectured on the Historical Novel, editor of the Bible in Ireland 1926. 

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John (Jack) Tressider Sheppard


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