George (Dadie) Humphrey Wolferstan Rylands

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 179   Male  Mr
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 George (Dadie)

Humphrey Wolferstan



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 Thomas Kirland Rylands  



 1902 - . MA, Fellow of King's College Cambridge, subject English Literature. Educated Eton, King's College Cambridge. Second Bursar of King's College, Chairman of Directors and Trustees of Arts Theatre Cambridge. Governor of the Old Vic London. Published: Words and Poetry 1928, Shakespeare the Poet 1934, The Ages of Man 1939. Address in 1951 King's College Cambridge (still his address in 1973). Chairman of Apollo Society 1946 - 1972. Awarded CBE 1961. Member of: Cheltenham College Council, Council of RADA. Director of Tennent Productions Ltd. He had directed Hamlet with Sir John Gielgud in 1945. On behalf of the British Council he was responsible for the recordings onto L P (Long Play Records) of the Shakespeare canon and the English Poets. 1951 British Academy Lecture Shakespeare's Poetic Energy. 

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John Maynard Keynes


Lydia Lopokova


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