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 1897 - 1945. Daughter of Henry Herbert Asquith, Liberal Prime Minister 1908 - 1916. . A writer of fiction, poetry and plays. She was author of: I Have only Myself to Blame 1921, Balloons 1923, The Fir and the Palm 1924, The Painted Swan ?, The Whole Story 1925, There is no Return 1927, Portrait of Caroline 1931. Married Prince Antoine Bibesco (Born Paris 1878) in 1919, a Roumanian diplomat. He was the grandson of the Reigning Prince of Roumania (he died in 1873), during 1912 Prince Antoine was Councillor, Roumanian Legation in London, acting as Charge' d' Affaires, he later transferred Petrograd. He was Roumanian Minister at Washington from 1920-1926, going on to Madrid 1926-1931. A playwright as well he wrote le Jaloux, Laquelle, Quatuor, Mon Heritier, Anne. His address in 1940 was 45 Quai Bourbon, Paris 

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Violet Asquith


Cynthia Asquith


Herbert Beb Asquith


Herbert Henry Asquith


John Maynard Keynes


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