Herbert Henry Asquith

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 176   Male  Earl
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  Morley, Yorkshire  
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 1852-1928-Liberal Prime Minister. Created Earl of Oxford and Asquith in 1925. He and his second wife Margot (1865-1945 daughter of Sir Charles Tennant, wrote Autobiography in 1922, revised edition in 1962) were friends of John Maynard Keynes. Educated City of London School, Balliol College Oxford. Called to the Bar in 1876. Liberal Member for East Fife 1886-1918. Home Secretary 1892-1895. Chancellor of the Exchequer 1905-1902. Became Prime Minister in April 1908 - December 1916. He wrote Memories and Reflections in 1928. He had 5 children by his first marriage Raymond 1878-1916 - killed in action during WWI, Herbert 1881-1947 poet, Cyril 1890-1945 became lord of appeal in ordinary, Violet Liberal Politician and publicist. The children from his second marriage: Elizabeth (died 1945) married Prince Bibesco in 1919, she was also a novelist, and Prince Anthony (1902-1968)was a film director: Pygmalion, The Browning Version, Orders to kill and The Way To The Stars. 

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Violet Asquith


Cynthia Asquith

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Herbert Beb Asquith


John Maynard Keynes


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