Lumsden Barkway

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 175   Male  Bishop
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 He studied at Liverpool University becoming a friend of Lytton Strachey. Lytton Strachey left Liverpool University at the end of June 1899 he then went to visit his relatives in Rothiemurchus, from where he corresponded with Lumsden. Lytton Strachey arrived to study in Cambridge in October of 1899, after a few days he came across Lumsden Barkway who was studying at Westminster Theological College, as they were both new to the area and yet to make new friends Lumsden would come for tea at Lyttons rooms in New Court, they were on the second floor with a view out across the Backs. Some years later Lyttons younger brother James Strachey would stay in the same rooms. Lytton and Lumsden appear to of kept in touch as in the summer of 1913 Lytton visits Lumsden in Redcar, Yorkshire where Lumsden is a Presbyterian clergyman. 

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Lytton Giles (Lytton) Strachey


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