Edward1st Robert Bulwer Lytton

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Personal Details

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 168   Male  Earl
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Robert Bulwer



DOB Place of Birth DOD Place of Death
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 Baron Edward Lytton Elisabeth Barbara Lytton , heiress to Knebworth 



 He wrote poetry under the name of Owen Meredith. Born 1803 Died in 1891. Married Edith daughter of Hon E Villiers (Clarendon) in 1864. His mother inherited Knebworth House. He was educated at Harrow going on to Bonn to continue his studies. He was part of the Diplomatic Service throughout his working life dying as ambassador in Paris. At the pinnacle of his career he was made Viceroy of India, (1876-1880). He was created 1st Earl of Lytton in 1880. His daughter Lady Betty Balfour edited his books: Indian Administration 1899, and Letters 1906. 

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Lytton Giles (Lytton) Strachey


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