Bertrand Arthur William Russell

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Personal Details

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 155   Male  Earl
First Name Middle Name Last Name


Arthur William



DOB Place of Birth DOD Place of Death
 18/05/1872 Trelleck, Gwent North Waales 
Father's last name if different Mother's / Own maiden name
 Viscount Amberley Katherine , daughter of Baron Stanley of Alderley 



 Died 1970. His mother was the daughter of Baron Stanley of Alderley. Educated Trinity college Cambridge, Fellow of Trinity. Address 1937 Telegraph House, Harting, Petersfield. A member of the Apostles. And Ottoline's Group. 1st Wife: Alys Whitall Pearsall Smith, sister of Logan Pearsall Smith. Married in1894, marriage was dissolved in 1921. 2nd Wife: Dora Winifred, MBE author of The Right to be Happy pulished in 1927, she was the daughter of Sir Frederick Black. They had one son and one daughter. Married in 1921, marriage dissolved in 1935. 3rd Wife: Patricia Helen Spence, they had one son. Married in 1936, marriage dissolved in 1925. 4th Wife: Edith Finch, daughter of Edward Bronson Finch of New York. Orphaned when young he was raised by his grandmother, the widow of Lord John Russell, a Liberal MP and later on Prime Minister, the 1st Earl, Bertrand became the 3rd Earl. Educated at Trinity College Cambridge, becoming a fellow in 1895 which he later lost in 1916 due to his facifism, for which he was imprisoned in 1918. His fellowship was restored in 1944. Awarded the nobel prize for literature in 1950. He was imprisoned again in 1969 for his part in a sit down protest in Whitehall, London. 

Personal Relationships

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Mary Costelloe


Ottoline Violet Anne Morrell


Alys Russell


Logan Pearsall Smith

Brother in law  

Karin Elizabeth Stephen


Ray Strachey


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