Rhoda Vava Mary Lecky Pike

The personal details and relationships of Rhoda Vava Mary Lecky Pike


Personal Details

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 14   Female  Lady
First Name Middle Name Last Name


Vava Mary

Lecky Pike 


DOB Place of Birth DOD Place of Death
 01/01/1900 Ireland 01/01/1980 Charleston Manor 
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 Maiden name Lecky Pike. Wife of Sir Oswald Birley the artist. Friend of Winston and Clementine Churchill, and Sir Shane Lesley, Vita Sackville West helped design the gardens of her home at Charleston Manor which is a short distance from Charleston Farmhouse (the home of Vanessa Bell) to which she was a visitor. Charleston Manor is also located near to Glyndebourne which she was involved in along with Covent Garden London, she was a supporter of the arts. During WWII she had been involved in organizing the Women's Land Army, a role which she worked with Vita Sackville West. 

Personal Relationships

Person Relationship Date/Period

Oswald Hornby Joseph Birley

Husband 01/01/1921 

Mark Birley


Maxine Birley


Robin Birley


Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart

Daughter -in-law  

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