Elisabeth van Rysselberghe

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 137   Female  Miss
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van Rysselberghe 


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 Elisabeth is believed to be the inspiration behind Rupert Brookes poem 'Lust'. Born in 1890 she was Flemish Belgian and died in 1980 aged 90. Elisabeth was under the protection of Clara Ewald while she was staying with her in Munich, Elizabeth was a few years younger than Rupert , the two where there during February when Munich celebrates with the carnival of Bacchus-Fest, the attraction for youngsters was that each man should find himself a Bacchus-bride to celebrate with. In a letter about the event written to Jacques Raverat he describes his meeting with a round damp sculptress. Although they do not appear to of consummated their relationship Elisabeth was smitten and followed Rupert back to England the summer of 1911, she stayed in Teddington in a clergyman's household. They met in the Italian room of the National Gallery, and throughout the summer 1911 Rupert continually made trips to London, Elisabeth not returning to the continent until the autumn of 1911. Rupert was seeing her during January/February of 1913, she was living Swanley in Kent at this time. 

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Rupert Chawner Brooke


Theo van Rysselberghe


Maria van Rysselberghe


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