Leonard Sidney Woolf

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 13   Male  Mr
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 25/11/1880 London 14/08/1969  
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 Sidney Woolf QC  



 Husband of Virginia Woolf, they were married on 10/08/1912. Educated at St Paul's School and Trinity College Cambridge. Worked for Ceylon Civil Service 1904-1911. Later became writer and publisher starting the Hogarth Press with his wife Virginia in 1917. He joined the Fabian Society in 1916. Editor of International Review 1919, Editor of International Section of Contemporary Review 1920-1921. Literary Editor of The Nation1928-1930. Joint editor of Political Quarterly 1931 - ? Still held post in 1937. Hon Sec of Advisory Committee on International Questions to the Trade Union Congress and Labour Party. Founded Hogarth Press in 1917. Address in 1937; 52 Tavistock Square London WC1, address in 1960; 24 Victoria Square London SW1. Published: The Village in the Jungle 1913, The Wise Virgins 1914, International Government 1916, Co-operation and the Future of Industry 1918, The Future of Constantinople 1917, Empire and Commerce in Africa 1920, Socialism and Co-operation 1921, Essays 1927, Imperialism and Civilization 1928, After the Deluge - vol 1 - 1931 - vol 2 - 1939, Quack Quack 1935, The Hotel 1939, Barbarians at the Gate 1939, The War for Peace 1940, Principia Politica 1953, Letters of Virginia Woolf and Lytton Strachey (with James Strachey) 1956. 

Personal Relationships

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Vanessa Bell


Clive Arthur (Clive) Howard Bell


Roger Eliot Fry


David (Bunny) Garnett


John Maynard Keynes


Thoby Stephen


Adrian Stephen

Brother in law  

Leslie Stephen

Father in law  

Lytton Giles (Lytton) Strachey


James Strachey


Saxon Sydney-Turner


Virginia Adeline (Virginia) Woolf

Wife 10/08/1912 

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