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 122   Male  Mr
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 F W Ward Edith Welch Bardill 



 April 1912 Rupert Brooke came to stay with Dudley in Berlin. Dudley had an apartment in Kantstrasse 14, in the central district of Charlottenburg. He was working as the Berlin correspondent for The Economist, prior to his marriage his flat mate had been Alfred Reynolds a Cambridge writer then correspondent for the Daily Mail. He later moved to an apartment in Spichernstrasse. Dudley as loyal friend of Rupert Brooke as agreed between them, had the task of destroying the inappropriate correspondence and papers before they were forwarded to his mother, his was aided by the loyal Jacques Raverat. Dudley went on to become a civil servant, going on to head the British branch of UNESCO. Annemarie and Dudley had one son, Peter who lived at Cley in Norfolk, the village Brooke was staying in at the outbreak of World War I. Dudley inherited the Old Vicarage at Grantchester from Rupert Brooke. Married in 1912 Annemarie Elisabeth Clothilde, daughter of Hans Edler von der Planitz. 1son 2 daughters. Educated Derby School, St Johns College Cambridge. Published. Address in 1937 The Old Vicarage Grantchester, the house Rupert Brooke had left him. 

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