Modern Humanities

The authors and artists of the Bloomsbury Group



The Mantlepiece

The Mantlepiece by Duncan Grant, a member of the Bloomsbury Group

The Mantlepiece, an oil and collage on board

Painting by dated: 1914


This website was initiated over a decade ago to document part of my personal study of the arts, culture, philosophy, religion, language and history as encompassed within the subject of 'Modern Humanities'.

At the time this was colloquially referred to as 'Humanism' - a system of thinking in which people, their interests and developments are made central and dominant, tending to exalt the cultural and practical knowledge of art, literature and philosophy rather than the scientific and speculative.

Today 'Humanism' has been adopted to mean different things so inline with an update of the technical elements of the website in 2016, it seems appropriate to update the summary of what it is about.

The website is an aid to help demonstrate how those who were involved in the various arts during the early 20th Century interacted with others of a similar oeuvre, but more interestingly how they interacted and were influenced by those with different talents and philosophies with whom it was not immediately apparent they were connected.


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